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Apostle Joshua P. Smith


Joshua P. Smith is a multifaceted individual who is gifted in many areas as a best-selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, life and business coach, mentor, corporate trainer, consultant, licensed professional counselor, and a highly sought-after spiritual advisor. Whereas many people choose to live a life of complacency and comfortability, he constantly challenges others to level up—both personally and professionally. Joshua has been working in the mental health field for fourteen years and is a renowned expert on emotional health and wellness. He is best known for his balanced and wholistic approach to life, spirituality, and the marketplace—empowering others to live purposefully and passionately.


Joshua has earned degrees in psychology, professional counseling, and divinity and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in professional counseling. He is the CEO of J. P. Smith Enterprises, LLC, the founder of The Soul Healing Initiative, and founder and lead instructor of the Soul Healing Training Academy, a forum to train business executives and religious leaders on the principles of emotional health and wellness. He is also in private practice as the CEO and lead therapist at Soul Healing Psychotherapy & Wellness in Gulfport.


Internationally, Joshua is a member of the Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network, serving on the behavioral health taskforce. He also works closely with the Ministry of National Security in Jamaica as a consultant and trainer. Joshua is a 2020 honoree of The Mental Health Association of South Mississippi and has devoted his life to helping people heal so that they can find and fulfill purpose while maximizing their potential.


Since 2016, Joshua has served as senior apostle of the House of Healing International, an apostolic training center and network of churches (IFHCM) headquartered in Gulfport, Mississippi. Committed wholeheartedly to equipping disciples and leaders for ministry and the marketplace, he is a noted trainer of prophets, intercessors, and other five-fold ministry leaders around the world.


His most important roles are husband to the love of his life, Mrs. Riyana Smith and father to his daughter, Zoe.

Elect Lady Riyana Smith


Elect Lady Riyana Smith is a powerful woman of God with a unique anointing and a passion to see people be set free and embrace their true identity. Equipped with the spiritual gifts of knowledge and wisdom, she has been called by God to minister to both young and seasoned women, encouraging them to persevere through hard times. As a prophet, she is also called to give counsel and wisdom to people in positions of power both in ministry and the marketplace.


Elect Lady Smith is an intercessor who loves to lead others in prayer. Her mantle for prayer also enables her to teach, train and develop believers in the place of prayer, teaching them to hear and discern the voice of God for themselves.


Elect Lady Smith also has a heart for the mental and emotional health of children. Her educational background, which includes earned degrees in psychology & counseling, enables her to work closely with children and their families in her professional career to provide advocacy, resources, and healing to family units.


Elect Lady Smith is the loving wife of Apostle Joshua P. Smith and mother of one daughter, Zoe. Together, her and her husband serve as the senior leaders of House of Healing International of Gulfport, MS and New Orleans, LA.

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