House of Healing International, Inc.

Building People. Transforming Minds. Saving A Generation.

Our Core Values

Core values are guiding principles for behaviors and actions of an organization and its staff and partners. Polices may change, but values and principles do not. Core values are a measuring rod to help organizations and companies to determine whether or not they are fulfilling their vision, mission and goals.

House of Healing is guided by 10 core values. These core values guide and influence our culture:

We are Kingdom.

We are a Kingdom church that moves in authority, power and dominion. We have no barriers or limitations. The gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit are in full operation. We have supernatural signs, wonders and miracles that follow our ministry. We are an apostolic and prophetic House that trains and develops leaders and Kingdom citizens.


We are honor God (Matthew 22:21, Matthew 22:37); we honor leadership (Hebrews 13:17); and we honor one another (John 13:34, Philippians 2:3-7).

We are a safe place for the remnant. 

We will always be, “A Place to Call Home!” We are a safe-house. A place of grace and restoration for the hurting, the wounded, the abused, the disenfranchised and the broken. We specialize in healing, deliverance and restoration by ministering health and wholeness to the total man. Our doors are open to all people of many nations, cultures, ethnic groups and backgrounds! We are a people of love.

We are an equipping church!

We believe building and empowering people to live the best life that God has called them to live. We believe in discovering the treasure that is in earthen vessels. We believe in taking over the systems of this world by being both salt and light as modern day Josephs and Daniels. We are a church without walls.

We are a giving church!

We give to the poor and the needy. We support and help one another. We are givers and helpers one to another. We are a people of love, generosity and hospitality outward to our community and inward to our fellow man. We also believe in honoring the Lord with our substance and the first fruit of our increase. We tithe and give out of faith and love, not out of fear of a curse.

We are led by the Holy Spirit!

This is our cutting edge! We are not status quo, routine, traditional or “normal”. We are fresh, out of the box, revolutionary, yet with a solid foundation in the Word and the principles and doctrines of Jesus Christ! His Word and Spirit transforms us.

We believe in prayer!

Prayer is the foundation of this House! Anything that is not birthed in prayer or guided by prayer is weak and powerless. Prayer and intercession are our constant position of victory and power. We have been commissioned to guard the gates of the cities and this region in prayer.

Excellence is our standard, not our goal!

We are committed to excellence within and without, in business dealings, in our presentation, in our character and in our conversation. We have the spirit of excellence. We are accountable, responsible, competent, professional and exceptional at everything we do. We will always strive to do our very best.

We are a Word church!

"He sent His word and healed us." We Believe in teaching and preaching the Word of God in proper context and developing people who know how to study and understand the Word for themselves. The Word of God is our uncompromising standard and manual for life on earth.

We are a Community.

We are healed in community (James 5:16) and we grow in community (Acts 2:42-47). As we endeavor to love God more, we also strive to love one another with a pure heart.