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The International Fellowship of Healthy Churches & Ministries, Inc.

The International Fellowship of Healthy Churches & Ministries was birthed in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic as a means to formally connect and foster fellowship among senior leaders who had an already established covenant connection with Apostle Joshua Smith and House of Healing International.

These “Covenant Pastors” have formed a God-ordained and sanctioned fellowship with the following distinctives and pillars:

  • Healthy Living (Body, Soul & Spirit)
  • Healthy Community
  • Healthy Accountability
  • Healthy Covenant
  • Healthy Ministries

We promote healthy ministry in the following ways:

  • Apostolic covering & oversight for pastors and leaders
  • A culture of fellowship and family
  • Strong doctrine and solid Christian education & discipleship
  • Proper training and affirmation of spiritual gifts
  • Emotional health and wellness initiatives
  • Financial health through stewardship and Kingdom wealth creation
  • The advancement of Godly marriage and family systems


IFHCM provides apostolic covering, connection and community for senior leaders and itinerate ministries who are seeking to advance and perpetuate the Kingdom of God in a healthy and integral manner.


The mission of IFHCM is to equip, develop, support, strengthen and train leaders as they walk in the fullness of their commission while serving the Body of Christ and the systems of this present world. We promote ministry to and for the total man, which in turn produces organizational health and healthy ministry growth.

The “LeaderShift Conference” is the annual gathering for this network of churches, ministries, and leaders and is open to leaders of all churches, organizations, denominations, and reformations who are aspiring to be healthier, and properly equipped leaders in the Body of Christ and all strata of society.

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Join us at LeaderShift Conference 2023!

Save the date for the 3rd Annual LeaderShift Conference!

Who should attend? Senior Leaders, Support Leaders & Emerging/Aspiring Leaders.

Hosted June 1-4, 2023 in beautiful Gulfport, MS. Click the graphic above for more details + registration.